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Chilli & Lime Vodka 700ml

Chilli & Lime Vodka 700ml


42% ABV - 23.2 Standard Drinks


Experience our uniquely crafted Chilli & Lime Vodka – a harmonious fusion of zesty brilliance and a subtle kick of spice, meticulously crafted in the Swan Valley by our family-run distillery.


Derived from our distillery’s Zesty Lime Vodka, this creation reflects our desire to craft truly unique products for those who appreciate the extraordinary. A thoughtful combination of peppers, including habaneros and jalapenos, are used to impart a lasting chilli finish that gracefully compliments zesty citrus notes on the front of the palate, which is also reflected on the nose.


Elevate your mixology game as you discover the versatility of our Chilli & Lime Vodka, a perfect companion for crafting exceptional cocktails. Whether it’s with a simple mixer, in a Bloody Mary, or even a Vodka Margarita, the possibilities are endless.

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